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When they have finished, collect their Ex. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart. Then ask them to display the advert and give a short presentation. PP writes three suggestions for their penfriend. They are extremely helpful as PP will see in 2b.

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They should write these comments in their Ex.

The underlined letters are read as [k] and bold ones as [s]. Open your books at p 78 ex.

Рекомендуемые курсы ПК и ППК для Вас

Then ask PP for their ideas and write them on the appropriate part of the BB. Read and answer the questions. A lot of tourists and scientists come to see them every summer.

PP make sentences about products using the substitution кяпова. Start with some strong pairs first, then more on to the weaker ones.

Мои первые поурочные планы.7 класс Аяпова

You could do Grammar Exercise 1 here to practise the new comparative form. The theme of the lesson: Yes, I want some new shoes. I have visited many countries: PP should make dialogues according to the example. With weaker classes you could help them by writing the beginning of words on the blackboard e.


Поурочные планы по английскому языку 7 класс

PP have to find and correct mistakes. Say the words and ask PP to repeat after you in chorus, rows and individually. Health problem The objectives of the lesson: Not smoking Taking regular exercises Eating good quality food Having regular check-ups Ex. When the presentations have finished ask each group to say which uniforms they like and why.

Then ask them what they want to know about the Cup and write these answers on the other side of the BB. Нужно сообщить о требованиях, предъявляемых преподавателем учащимся в рамках процесса обучения английскому языку.

We are going to think about your advice and try to find a good solution. Затем выполняется упражнение 4 стр.

You could do Word Building Exercise here to practise the new type of adjective. Travelling in Russia and Abroad Step 1.


Explain that PP are going to hear a conversation when someone asks the way to the Language Centre. They can also say which they like best following the examples in the поурочрые.


Oh, can you wait a minute. Usually I spend my vacations in Europe. В домашнем задании дети тоже работали с прошедшим временем, тем самым получается, что этапы урока неразрывно связаны между.

Поурочное планирование по английскому языку

Activity 4a, 4b, 4c. Oh, I forgot, we sometimes do running on Wednesday too. For further practise you could play Bingo!

They should find one thing they like about each языпу. The answer is mathematics and computer studies. The theme of our lesson is Having friends.